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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm it!

I see that I have been tagged by Nick of Electoral Maths for a blogmeme that's been going around...ten views I hold despite the lack of concrete supporting evidence -- seems kind of redundant for all youse who read my blog -- it consists mostly of views I hold despite the lack of concrete evidence. But hey, the meme has got to be obeyed...

(1) Despite what Prof. DeLong might think, most American dessert recipes egregiously overuses cinnimon. Most apple pie recipes, for instance, can be improved by halving the cinnimon and doubling the nutmeg. OTOH, cinnimon is criminally underused in savory dishes in the American cannon. Try a scant 1/8 teaspoon in your next pot of stew or chili. It won't be enough to make the dish taste cinnamon-ey, but just enough to add this indefinable richness.

(2) If one folds pajamas up neatly as soon as they are taken off, they can be re-worn again (within reason) without being gross. However, if one allows them to lay crumpled and unfolded any amount of time at all, they become dirty and now need to be relaundered.

(3) I spend too much time blogging. But if I did not blog, I would spend the time I spent blogging doing something equally unproductive.

What? That's only three? I guess I don't hold as many interesting un-backed up beliefs as I thought. Or they're just not occuring to me right now. I reserve the right to pop up with #4 to 10 at random times.