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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Will Iran get Iraqed?

I have to say, I find the rising consensus on the left regarding Iran as a partisan cudgel the Bushies can beat the Dems into the ground with much like he did with Iraq quite puzzling. Of course, the spectre of a nuclear Iran is terrifying. But how does it follow that the Bushies can use that to their political advantage? The sentiment in this country has been steadily turning against the Iraq war. Even among those who's sticking to the story that we did the right thing must be a little bit wary of a whole 'nother middle eastern adventure. In fact, the Dems have got a great comeback to Republicans if they every try to play the Iran card: The Iranians are the big winners in this Iraq war you started. You diverted U.S. firepower on a State that had no W.M.D. and was not causing us problems and turned it into a fiery hellhole that is a continual drain on our blood and treasure. Meanwhile, the real threat, Iran, was allowed to continue its nuclear programs apace. As a cherry on top, we delivered them the gift of eliminating Saddam, a thorn in their side, and a shia-dominated government in Iraq.

In general, I feel like there is a lot of fear on the left that 2006 will be 2002 all over again. Now, I think that the Bushies just might be using the same tactics, but there's been too much crap going on in the intervening years for them to get the same result.