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Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheap shots that don't miss

I know that the left side of the blogisphere have turned into one big snarking party following Dick Cheney little accident. Well, it's nothing the other side would not have done to us times ten if it happened to be a Democrat, probably complete with some insinuation about how by not shooting straight that Democrat has teh ghey.

But Mark Kleiman's anonymous friend has decided to stop with the snarking and put some facts out there instead. Drumroll please...the facts about the Cheney boo-boo that the MSM is not telling you...
* The Attorney General claims that the Vice President was granted the
power to shoot lawyers under the resolution allowing use of force in

* Cheney is refusing to cooperate with local investigators but has
briefed four senior members of Congress.

* The Pentagon claims that there are already sufficient supplies of body
armor for wealthy Texas lawyers but will be expediting existing

* Based on a report from an Iraqi exile group, a special White House intelligence group had advised the Vice President that the lawyer was Osama bin Laden in disguise.

* Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld agrees that it would have been better if
the Vice President had shot Osama bin Laden. However, he added, "You can't always shoot what you choose to shoot; sometimes you have to shoot what's there to be shot."

* The White House released a statement that the administration will
benefit from having at least one member with experience in a live-fire

* President Bush commented, "You're a helluva shot, Dicky!"

* The Vice President's standing and reputation have been removed under
Secret Service protection to an undisclosed location.

Oh, and here's the scoop on the first picture of the victim...