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Friday, March 24, 2006

Guest non-bloggers

Hey ho, readers.

I don't know if you figured it out from various posts I've had up, but I'm moving to Taiwan. Tomorrow. Meep! Obviously there would be no posts from me this weekend, and perhaps lighter postings as I get over my jetlag etc.

To keep the volume cranked up on Battlepanda in the interim, my college buddies are coming through for me. None of them are bloggers, but they're all wonderfully thoughtful and intelligent and fun, so treat'em right, okay?

Here's some short bios of the ones who are onboard thusfar. More might join my posse. Mwahaha.

Katie -- Radical feminist girl-genious from St. Louis with a sharp eye for film and culture criticism. Thinks "Snake on a Plane" is the best movie evar.

Matt -- Appalling bastard disguised as mild-mannered and bespectacled grad student studying cognitive neuroscience.

ABD -- Devout Catholic. Uncompromisingly liberal. Zero-tolerance on bowdlerized classical music. Except for the Tacobell canon.