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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Photobucket and flickr and picasa, oh my

Something has gotta be done about my collection of images, growing gradually out of control. Right now I use iPhoto to sort photos and keep everything on my computer and upload stuff to photobucket if I want to post to my blog, but I am starting to get dissatisfied.

More specifically, I'm tempted by the cool social-sharing aspects and easy viewing and caption options of flickr. The downside is, I would have to pay. Not a lot, though, and I'm starting to near the limit for my free account on photobucket anyhow. Maybe it's time for a move.

Then I read about Picasa -- google's picture-sorting software. It will greatly facilitate blogging and sharing, from what I understand. But the downside is that your pictures are not online. More manual backing-up and no online album funness -- you gotta email each person with the photos you want them to see.