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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Second Chances?

Ezra is liking Gore for 2008 a lot. So much so that he wrote a whole article about it. Damn fine article it is too. But color me unconvinced. Lindsay is similarly skeptical, and she points to Gore's baggage. The ghosts of 2000 will sure to be resurrected for 2008. But that is surmountable. And by the time 2008 comes around, perhaps people would be so disenamoured with Bush that they'll welcome a symbolic do-over. Nick, meanwhile, wonders if Gore would get out of the primaries at all if he even runs.

I have a slightly different take. What I'm more concerned about is the night-and-day difference between Gore the effortlessly articulate spokesperson for the left and Gore the stiff-lipped, stuffed-shirt presidential candidate. Ezra has his heart set on one Gore, but who knows which one would show up if all the responsibilities, the crushing pressures, the sheer importance of it all falls upon his shoulders again?

I think that Gore knows this, which is why he is making no effort to position himself for 2008. The weight is off. He loosened up. He's finding his voice, becoming one of the most cogent and articulate spokesperson for the Dems. He makes it look so effortless.

Lets see...tremendously talented individual who breaks everybody's hearts by choking under pressure in a contest that comes every four years...omigod Gore is the Sasha Cohen of politics!