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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Runway Blogging

I was very pleased with the finale. (And no, I'm not the only politics blogger who's been hooked). Jedmonds was right in that Santino does know how to sew, just have very bad instincts when he's put under pressure to throw everything but the kitchen sink onto his design. I thought his final show was really beautiful and was frankly surprised that they eliminated him first. Daniel did some good pieces, unfortunately, his entire collection was so tasteful (if somewhat bland) in general that what really stood out was his faux-pas -- the wooden handbags with the lobed handles...the big riveted doohickey he stuck in the front of one dress...

I wonder what Santino thinks of his "patternmaker" dig at Chloe, because she designed a beautiful collection that wasn't just well-sewn, but was also more conceptually interesting than his. She won, and rightly so.