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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Conspiracy to keep me from blogging

Or something. For a few days now, I've had trouble accessing blogspot sites from Taiwan, coming up with the same "cannot display this page" error message whenever I tried to see my blog or any other blogspot blogged. So I didn't post, figuring that blogger must be down in some epic way. But today, I am updating on a computer that redirects me to an Yahoo search page rather than an error message. On a whim I clicked on a "translate this page" link and promptly got taken to a rather garbled Battlepanda blog in Chinese. I see that Brock has updated, as have loads of other blogspot blogs (yep, I read all this in Chinese). Anybody knows whats up? Mark? I can post just fine, I suspect. But I can't read many of the blogs I like! I can't even check my blog to see if I've made some hideous booboo. Wahhh!

By the way, I think this need to be preserved for posterity:



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