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Monday, May 15, 2006

Blog jujitsu

Ezra Klein mocks Andrew Sullivan with his own words. Somehow, Sully summoned up the the temerity to dismiss recently deceased giant of Economics John Kenneth Galbraith as a man who ""was so wrong about so much for so long and with such disdain for the empirical refutation of his theories that he deserves little in retrospect but our pity."
Meanwhile, Andrew thought the Iraq War a spectacular idea, but now isn't so sure; believed Bush a terrific choice for president in 2000, and then, disappointed by his pick's performance, endorsed Kerry; and figured the critics of the president were a domestic "fifth column," before he became one of them. Reaching back into time, he published Elizabeth McCaughey's takedown of the Clinton health care plan, widely regarded as one of the most dishonest and unfortunate pieces of journalism published in recent years. It was an article whose central premise was rendered a lie by the very first paragraph of the legislation. The magazine he edited later apologized. He also published an excerpt from Charles Murray's eugenicist tract The Bell Curve. The book was subsequently found to be riddled with factual and statistical errors.

Andrew Sullivan certainly has my pity.