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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm a loser

Mea culpa. I am the female version of Amanda's (key) loser ex:
Now my relationship with my ex was bound to fail for other reasons. But that aside, the Where Are My Keys? scene was a constant source of irritation for me. I know I’m not the only one; Randi Rhodes joked once about how her ex seemed to think she had a tracking device in her uterus. Everyone who lives with a Where Are My Keys? person knows that you cannot win when the keys are missing. You feel obliged to look, but if you don’t find them (and how can you know better than their owner where they’re at?) you become part of the problem. It’s actually pretty stressful over time.
Not just my keys, but also my wallet, the book I was just reading, the bill I was on my way to never ends for poor Gene. Actually, I guess through sheer repetition, he has gotten really good at deducing where a given item would be. It's actually kind of uncanny. I'd be turning the house upside down, and he'd just calmly go to where he thinks it should be and, hey pesto!

UPDATE: Post title changed for the obvious. Also, a note on Amanda's actual point -- I found the article nauseatingly cutesy, but is it actually sexist, since she acknowledged that her husband used the techniques right back at her? As for the merits of using operant conditioning to get one's significant other to do what one wants, I'd try it, except I couldn't even get operant conditioning to work on my recalcitrant schnauzer. Oi!