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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Peepshow returns?

It's been five years since issue 13 of Joe Matt's autobiographical comic book Peepshow was published. Matt was one of the best artists during the heyday of autobiographical comics in the 1990s, and Peepshow is a hilarious, voyeuristic, and often disturbing look at his life.

Now, according to the Drawn & Quarterly blog (permalinks fubared -- scroll down the page), issue 14 will be published soon.
"I end up erasing more than I can pencil...if anything, it's always one step backwards." That's Joe Matt explaining the near five-year drought in between issues of his comic book, Peepshow . Things are starting to look up for Joe, or for his work habits at least. Last week we received the cover for Peepshow #14, and he promises that the rest of the issue will be here in a couple of weeks (just a few touch-ups in the backgrounds are left, along with the second color overlays and letters column). This issue also brings to a close a story arc ("the embodiment of the decade I spent in Toronto," says Joe) and will be published early next year in the book Spent.