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Monday, July 31, 2006

Son of "Shoot and Cry"

It's "bomb first, apologize later"

Or to be more precise, "bomb first, keep bombing as rescue workers remove the broken bodies of children from the rubble, apologize later."

The right-wingers are insinuating that Hezbollah might have blown up the building themselves opportunistically, to make bad PR for Israel, undoubtedly twirling their (Hezbollah's, that is) waxed mustaches as they did so. Like all conspiracy theories, I find this one unlikely. First of all, if the Israelis wuz framed, we would have heard the IDF cry bloody murder by now. Instead, we have one either extremely cautious or weaselly statement from the IDF that the gap between the time of the strike and the building's collapse is "unclear", leaving the right-wing blogisphere to play Nancy Drew andconnect the dots. Besides, Hezbollah might be evil, but it is not stupid. It's continued survival depends on the goodwill of at least segments of the Lebanese population. Besides, pulling a stunt like this is hardly necessary when Israel are killing plenty of civilians elsewhere anyhow. Occam's razor, my little wingnuts, Occam's razor.