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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Three (or more) Faces of Glenn Greenwald

As painful as it is to see one of our most earnest and eloquent lefty bloggers thusly exposed, one cannot but hold a grudging respect for Patterico's relentless takedown of Greenwald's sockpuppetry. There's no real point trying to give Greenwald the benefit of the doubt -- check out this comment by "Ryan":
I e-mailed Greenwald yesterday about this, pasted BumperStickerist’s accusations, and asked Greenwald if it was true. This is what I just received in response:

“Thanks for sending that.

I worked at Wachtell, Lipton as a Summer Associate after my second year at NYU, as a pre-Bar Associate during my entire third year at NYU and once I graduated, and then as a practicing Litigation Associate once I was admitted to the New York Bar.

Anyone who says that I did not practice law there after I passed the bar is lying — and deliberately so, I would think, since nobody who says such a thing could possibly have any basis for knowing that.

In any event, I can’t imagine what point anyone thinks they’re making. Wachtell is known to be the most selective law firm in the country. What point do they think they’re making, exactly?”

You people are morons, seriously. You run around claiming things without having any idea if there true. And then when you get exposed as liars, you slink away and repeat the next lie. we're expected to believe that somebody from Greenwald's IP address had to email Greenwald to get the lowdown on Greenwald's practice history. Isn't that kind of like me faxing my husband to get him to grab me a glass of water from the kitchen? And don't try and blame it on the boyfriend. As Patterico said (in bold!): "Wouldn’t you think the boyfriend would step forward to take the heat?" if he was indeed the one landing Glenn in disgrace?

Glenn, I love ya, but for the sake of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, come clean already! You're caught with your hand in the cookie jar. You're nabbed with your pants around your ankle. The Cherry Tree is down and you have the ax in your hands. You've been stupid, vain and dishonest in a venial but highly embarrassing way. And you have given the other side a chance to make a meal of you fair and square without having to confront your highly eloquent arguments. There was only one way for you to make things better -- admit you've been bad, and promise never to do it again. The rending of garments would have been optional. But instead you've decided to deny everything in the face of clear evidence, counting instead on your friends to take you at your word. This many of them have done, because they esteem you. And you have betrayed their trust. Your enemies, on the other hand, are gleeful, because now they've not only exposed your dishonesty, but they've made everybody who tried to blindly defend you look like a fool.