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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't do stupid shit, m'kay?

Next time anyone gets the bright idea to photoshop politicians to look like minstrels, don't. Please. Yes, I know the other side does it too. But how easy is it to call out the other side if you can't show that your side is better than that? Very easy for the Conservatives, you say? Well I guess that's true. That's call hypocritism and its a good thing to stay away from.

I've never felt the urge to put in my two cents on the Deb Firsch person. Am I even spelling her name right? From what I've seen, she's a nutburger. But there are bound to be nutburgers in every political camp. Just go to any LGF or Free Republic thread, right? The only meaningful fingerpointing on nutburgers is if can be shown that the other side has more/a greater percentage of nutburgers. And I'm sure the Conservatives won't want to go there. Better focus on a particular nutburger and play the "this is the representative of the left" and "the silence is deafening" games.

Jane Hamsher,
though, is different. She's a well-known lefty blogger, and from what I've read of her posts, a classy lady. She needs to apologize ASAP for a lapse of judgement, and challenge those who have never been racially insensitive to cast the first stone. Michelle Malkin perhaps.