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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Introducing Percy

Yes, it's true. Gene and I have adopted a second dog from the pound. We didn't really mean to, at least not without much more Thought and Consideration. We merely went to the pound to get to know a few dogs and think about how they would fit into our lives. Well, the first dog we sprung from the cage was a little three-legged Shiba Inu. He seemed like an OK pooch. A little shy, a little distracted. I was all set to put him back and look at another dog whereupon he collapsed on his belly and refused to move in a most pathetic way. I knew right then and there that is was Game Over. I looked up at Gene -- "We can't put him back in there," he said, "let's give this guy
another chance."

So we took him home, and named him "Percy", after Gene's one-legged grandpa.

Percy have had a tough life. In addition to losing his leg in an automobile accident, he had a serious burn down one side that only recently ceased to be tender. He's been living on the street for quite a while, both his canines are chipped. They think he's about six or seven, but of course there's no way to tell. He's been in the pound since June, which means he was seriously living on borrowed time when we took him home, since dogs that are considered "unadoptable" (non-puppies, in general) are usually put down after ten days. One of the volunteer at the pound took a shine to him, apparently.

He was so shy and skittish when we first took him home. But since then he has really opened up. He's learned to climb stairs, and wags his curly tail when he sees Gene or me coming. Dodo is so curious about him, but he's keeping her at arms length for now. They get along OK, unless T-O-Y-S are involved.

By the way, it's been a while since we've had a picture of Dodo, so here's your belated schnauzer blogging too.
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