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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The latest horror in flavored vodka

Flavored vodka is wrong, wrong, wrong; but this is taking it to a new level.
eGullet member Andrew Fenton recently posted about his current success with making what he calls Weeniecello, vodka infused with hot dogs. Apparently the Hebrew National all-beef franks were treated to a five-week soak in 100-proof Smirnoff. The vodka was then strained and used in a Weenie-Tini, Fenton's blend of Weeniecello, dry vermouth and sauerkraut brine. Fenton says the cocktail has "a richness and subtle beefiness not to be found in traditional vegetarian cocktails." One eGulleteer pointed out another page with more pork martinis.
(Via apostropher.)