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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meet the Press...Taiwanese style

This was the view from my front door this morning. Somehow, they did not press the doorbell but merely congregated outside quietly, waiting.
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My husband was up before me..."Uh, are you expecting a whole bunch of reporters this morning?" Wha?

Turns out the matter was regarding my landlady's sister, who used to rent out this apartment. She was apparently one of those devil landlords who took your rent and deposit and kicked you off the premises on some pretext. You can read all about it in today's Apple Daily if you so desire and you happen to live in Taiwan. Actually, the Apple Daily reporters were already here a few days ago. I didn't give them anything either. The evil sister was (with the exception of one memorable instance) before my time here. Despite Apple's lurid reputation, they were a lot better behaved and more polite than this bunch today, mainly from the cable outlets, I think. I saw TTV and TVBS microphones.

Here's a picture of them barging into my apartment after I hesitated a milisecond too long in telling them not to. When told to back off, they apologize while they keep shooting.
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A few thoughts:
1) Apple Daily is definitely the initiator of the feeding frenzy around here. I've always kind of known this to be the case, but here was the confirmation on my doorsteps. Reporters were literally waving around a copy of today's Apple, even though this story merited only just a small side column.
2) As if you didn't know, the cable news here is batshit insane. How are months-old landlord-tenant disputes newsworthy enough to merit about a dozen reporters waiting at my door for me to finish my morning routines? Apple got the scoop, such as it is, and the rest of the bunch feed on their leavings.
3) OMG I'm glad I cleaned yesterday. There might be two-second clips of my living room making the rounds between stories about kids with their head stuck in grates and exposes of filthy conditions in the prepared lunch industry.