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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Robert Reich on McCain's Motives

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich speculates about John McCain's real motive in calling for more troops in Iraq:
I think McCain knows Iraq is out of our hands – it’s disintegrating into civil war, and by 2008 will be a bloodbath. He also knows American troops will be withdrawn. The most important political fact he knows is he has to keep a big distance between himself and Bush in order to avoid being tainted by this horrifying failure. Arguing that we need more troops effectively covers his ass. It will allow him to say, “if the President did what I urged him to do, none of this would have happened.”

McCain is smarter on this score than Dems who intend to engage in post-Baker Commission “what we must do now” bipartisanship. It may make Dems feel relevant and important, but it will also make them complicit in the impending failure. Come 2008, they will share the responsibility for the horror of Iraq. HRC will be drawn in, as will Barak Obama and all other Dem notables who will feel it necessary to participate in a “plan.”

In the end, McCain alone will be able to escape blame. At least, that’s what I think he’s thinking.
(Via Mark Thoma at Economist's View.)

Question: Is Robert Reich the highest-ranking former U.S. government official who is now a blogger?