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Monday, January 08, 2007

Dead kitties

So sad. Jasmine, one of the cats of the Drumstir, is gone. It's strangely heartwarming to read the usually vitriolic comment board at the Political Animal and find mainly old readers like me from back in the Calpundit days, where Kevin used to catblog every friday, offering him our condolences. Farewell, littls Jasmine.

So is DJW's Henry.

And my friend A's childhood cat, Beauty, who lived to the ripe old age of 17, also passed.

Sigh. They don't stay with us for long enough do they, and it's so sad when they go away. A reporter I work with told me that she once had a schnauzer too, but that after it died, her family never got another dog.

"My whole family couldn't stop crying," she said, "I can never get another dog because it hurts so much when they die."

"But the reason you were so sad when she died was because she gave you so much love while she was alive," I said.

It's worth it to love even though nothing lasts forever, isn't it?