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Friday, May 25, 2007

Breaking the Curse

Hat Tip Amanda

What do all tampon/pad/other-assorted-menstral-blood-catching-thingamajigs have in common? The way they're marketed. Whhhhhooaaaoooooh! Bodyform! Bodyformed for youuuuuu! (cue woman in white capri pants running through the sand discarding her jacket along the way as if all her care flew off her body with the jacket.) They do not sell absorbant chunks of cotton, they are selling freedom.

However, when it turns out women really can have freedom or near-freedom from periods just by popping a pill, turns out it's supposed to make us unfeminine.

Unfeminine baby-exterminators.

I hope that Lybrel is safe and reliable, because if it is, it is going to take off and it will be a prescription drug that is worth the money to many women. I have seen so many women who are unfortunate in that their period hurts them like hell. It doesn't make them turn into the PMS-ing harpies of popular mythology, but it does make them want to shut themselves in a darken room and curl up into a ball until its over. Letting those women, and others who simply want the convenience, to skip out on their period is the right thing to do. Those who define their womanliness by whether or not they have a period must be really insecure in their own femininity.

Oh, and talking about unnatural, don't you think nature made older men less horny for a reason? Yet I don't see anybody railing against viagra and levitra. Oh yeah, it is only women who are defined by our bodily infirmities.