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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Taipop blogging: Jay Chow *hearts* mom

You didn't know you needed blogging about Taiwanese pop music in your lives? Oh well.

Jay (a superstar here in Taiwan) goes back in time and finds his former self in his childhood bedroom and delivers some big-brotherly advice. The problem is, the advice is all about how little Jay should listen to mom and stay inside and learn his ABCs while everybody goes out and play.

"Little one, have you ever wondered why you have to learn to draw and play the piano while others read comics? Or why you have to memorize your ABCs inside while everybody else plays outside? When you grow up you will understand why you run faster than everyone and fly higher than everyone. Everyone will be reading the comics you draw and everyone will be listening to the songs you write. (listen to your mother etc etc)"

A more pernicious and false defence of Taiwan's buxiban/gotta get ahead culture I have never heard. Stay inside and read your ABCs and you'll end up being a rock star? The definition of success as stepping over everyone elses fingers? I love my mom as much as anyone but this is crap.

As a bonus, here is a song that makes me cringe every time I hear it. Worst use of the "blankety blank in the house" device ever.