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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Battlepanda's greatest hits has been literally months since I posted. For many reasons, including an email from Lawrence, our most prolific commenter in days of yore, I've been feeling a lot of nostalgia lately for the ol' Battlepanda blog. Thus, here it is folks, my greatest hits as selected by me. Since there have been about 1500 posts, these posts are literally one in a hundred.

It's been a fascinating process, wading through the archives. I don't even remember writing some of this stuff any more. In a way it's a bittersweet process because I don't know where that engaged and interesting blogger have gone. When I post now, I tend to just slap up some news of the weird that I came across and thought might be good for a yuk or two and won't take more than five minutes to post. But I will always be grateful for that period when blogging my obsessive hobby and I spent hours upon hour reading, thinking, writing and commenting about politics, philosophy, economics...and cute animals. I think I went through something of an intellectual growth spurt, even though I barely recognized the fact at the time.

Anyhow, in case this sounds too much like a career-ending, I'm not going to go away or shut up shop or anything like that. It's just a look back. In fact, I might be tempted to post more. I hear we've been having some sort of an unpredictable primary season...

(1) Are children public goods

(2) A fork is a fork An absurd conversation captured for posterity.

(3) Relativism vs absolutism I still subscribe to this view today.

(4) Neither dismal or a science

(5) Why are our intro to econ classes failing us?

(6) Nordic fetishists prefer blonds

(7) There's no third party solution to the two-party problem

(8) The transporter and the limits of empathy Or why I will never get in a transporter. Bonus trekkie post: the holodeck as experience machine

(9) A gentle plea for caged fights

(10) Emotion delivery services In which I compare Catholicism with the peanutty goodness of JIF.

(11) Outrage In some ways this blog's finest hour. A blogswarm for justice.

(12) Two flavors of libertarianism A post that nicely summarizes my love/hate/love-to-hate relationship with libertarians.

(13) The moral maze of meat

(14) The Battlepanda law of cuteness "Things are automatically cute when they are either much bigger or much smaller than you would otherwise expect them to be. "

(15) Four plus one The internet meme where you tell four truths and one lie about yourself. So much fun to write.

That's all, folks. I hope you've enjoyed the trip down memory lane and here's to hoping that 2008 sees a little more activity here at the blog than there had been in 2007.