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Friday, February 01, 2008

With Dems like these...who needs Republicans?

I just cannot believe the Obama campaign went there. What's next? Are they going to start handing out Hillary nutcrackers?"Hillary's health care plan forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can't afford it," goes the tagline.

If they can't afford the insurance, how are they supposed to afford the doctor's bills when it comes?

Healthcare is not fancy dinners out at Per Se. It's not getting a third car for the household so the teen of the house can toot themselves around without waiting to borrow the family car. Healthcare is a reality for every single family in America, and I guess for every single person too, although most of us young-uns can get away with ignoring that reality for a while most of the time. It's not an optional extra.

The decision is not whether or not you want a healthcare bill but whether you want to get stuck a huge, unpredictable one every once in a while or a manageable one that spreads the risks. People buy insurance for all sorts of things (such as life insurance) purely for the risk-spreading factor even though they have to pay a significant premium to do so (every dollar that goes into running and promoting insurance companies is a dollar that does not go towards payouts, and then there are profits...)

But the dividends are even greater for healthcare, as collective bargaining brings down prices from medical service providers.

This ad campaign, to quote Paul Krugman's blog, is just "poisoning the well for health care reform".

After Edwards dropped out, I find myself in the Obama camp by default. And I still am, despicable mailer or no despicable mailer. But still. Blech!

My only hope is that this piece of crap is somehow not actually an official sanctioned product of the Obama campaign but the work of some "sympathetic" group not actually affiliated with. Anybody have word?

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