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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

When blogs merge

Ezra's Birthday post's comment section eventually descended into a Amanda-bashing melee. Amanda, as most of you know, is a blogger who joined Jesse at the Pandagon soon after the departure of Ezra for his own blog. Now, I just want to make clear that I think Amanda is an excellent blogger, and I loved her old blog, Mouse Words. But I also understand where some of the dissatisfaction is coming from. Ezra and Jesse were a team in a way that Jesse and Amanda is not. Having her join Pandagon changed its nature and made it seem more like two blogs in one as opposed to a blog with two contributors.

Of course, since we started off the situation with three excellent bloggers on two blogs and that is where we are now, I am just bellyachin'. I'm still getting all the blogged goodness. I just prefer the old branding.