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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Bubblesphere?

Nobody likes people who say "I told you so," Mark.

Still, dammit, he's right. The first wave on interest about the Maye case rippled through the blogisphere without percolating into concrete, nationwide spotlight on the case. This graph of number of posts mentioning Maye's case tells the story.
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Radley Balko remains Maye's first and best hope of getting him some of that justice business. Balko has been tireless on the case, and turning up more wrinkles and counterwrinkles all the time. He now has the court transcripts up. His blog has also been getting 8 and 11 thousand readers a day, nothing to sniff at. He has also been hitting the Talk Radio circuit, which is another step up the food chain.

But heck, I just want to say that I'm damned proud of all you kids. Look at this list -- red, blue and libertarian alike, we saw injustice and demanded a reversal. That call of reversal is not heard yet, but we won't forget about Cory Maye.

I am still updating the list (though, as usual, I am behind). In addition, I check back to the Agitator all the time to keep up with the details as it turns up. If nothing else, enough people on the blogisphere care that we should be able to furnish a legal defense fund for Cory. There's been murmurs about setting one from several sources, but what is needed is for someone to take the lead on this. We gotta have an official, or at least centralized, effort so that people can feel comfortable with giving and there is some sense of accumulation. Fingers crossed -- with a decent defense fund and the facts in his favor, Cory Maye should get off on appeal even as the rest of the country remains blissfully unaware of the egregious miscarriage of justice in their midst.

Of course, it is natural that Cory's fate should be the most pressing consideration, but we must not forget that spreading the word on this outrage is a good in and of itself. People in this country need to know how fucked up our judicial system, war on drugs and police procedures can be. This case, unfortunately for Maye, hit the trifecta.