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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Touch it up

(Via Clicked)

Everybody already know that the Cosmo cover girls are touched up to within an inch of their bone-skinny lives, right? This really cool project, apparently sponsored by the ministry of health and social affairs of some Scandanvanian country, give you a step-by-step interactive look at how eyes are brightened, boobs are boosted, shadows are added to flatter the face and hair is filled out. They were very clever in making the changes relatively subtle and starting with an attractive model. It is really quite startling how seemingly minor changes add up to make the poor girl look like shit compared with her photoshopped self.

Sigh, Scandavania and Scandavanians. Everything they are and do seem designed to make me feel inadequate. The copywriting on the retouch project is so good I didn't notice the writer was not American until I saw the web address. And I am so ignorant that I can't even figure out where it is from. "se" -- could it be Sweden? While their government is raising awareness about the unrealistic body image propagated by the mass media, our government is pushing dumbass shit like this.
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