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Sunday, April 10, 2005

No mercy for the spammers

Billmon join forces with Tom DeLay and Phyllis least when it comes to spammers.

The day we let "constitutional questions" get in the way of hunting down spammers and exterminating them like the pestilent rodents they are, is the day we know this country has turned its back on Jesus forever.
Yep. We're never going to catch them all, so the only way we can discourage them is to come down on them extra hard to warn all the others when we do nab them. In Chinese, we call this "killing the chicken for the monkey to see". Heck, even if it doesn't work, it'll still give all of us spam victims a nice, warm-fuzzy feeling to think of Jeremy Jaynes in the big house...

PRISONER A: Hey...I know that guy from the news...he's that spammer guy they just caught.

PRISONER B: Get him!

PRISONER A: Let's see how he likes having junk involuntarily stuffed up HIS inbox.

(Oh, and Billmon. I moved already. Do you mind updating that bookmark to Many thanks.)