Battlepanda: Where does little boy's names come from?


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Monday, June 13, 2005

Where does little boy's names come from?

Matt discovers that girls have stolen the previously popular boys' name 'Sidney', turned it into 'Sydney', and essentially poisoned the well with their girly cooties so that male Sidneys are now as rare as...well, boys named Carol or Shirley or Meredith. Yep. Both once popular boys' names.

So here's the's both cool and acceptable for the parents of girls to appropriate boys' names for their girls, as well as encourage their daughters in many 'boyish' pursuits such as soccer or science. Yet the opposite is considered pretty darn radical. If this trend continues, in a few generations all the boys are going to be called either "John" or "Matthew".

Sigh, masculinity. Being tough is a fragile business.