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Friday, August 19, 2005

Fine Finnish

Why can't the America give its citizens a good education, free healthcare and a safety net that's not full of holes? Because we're not Finns, apparently. Too bad.

In other Finnish news, I recently got linked to a Finnish blog, Lovelacen Testi. Of course, I can't read it, since I haven't been brushing up on my Finnish recently (Joking: I didn't even know it was in Finnish until I checked my sitemeter). But it seems like this person mostly reads and comments on American blogs. And here's another blog (this time from the Netherlands) that also focus on American politics and current affairs. I found it by accident because the web address of our blogs share a few initial letters. Those guys don't just know English well enough to read and comment on American blogs. They probably know more about what's going on in our country than most Americans.