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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Here's a news flash

Women sacrificing their independence on the altar of Traditional Matrimony does diddly to make their marriage stronger. They are, however, worstening the prospect for themselves and their children in the case of a divorce as they will be much less qualified for well-paying jobs if they ever need to start supporting their family.

Talk about marriage as a leap of faith.

A look at women who describe themselves as conservative Christians suggests that their work choices make them vulnerable in this divorce-prone culture.

As a group, these women leave school, marry and have children at younger ages than other women. As a result, they are more likely to work less and to gravitate toward traditionally female jobs, both things that keep hourly earnings low.

Their decisions, an expression of the value they place on families, aren't necessarily a problem, said Jennifer Glass, a University of Iowa researcher who is analyzing the trends.

The problem is that conservative Christian families have a divorce rate just as high as the rest of America.

To Glass, that means more single mothers are unqualified for good-paying jobs.

''Their beliefs are predicated on lifelong marriage, that women are more protected in these marriages,'' Glass said, ``and we know this is not the case.''

I'm saving this article and putting it in my "speed-dial" bookmark folder. Next time a major newspaper or magazine runs a mommy-war article about how more women are running into the kitchen barefoot and loving it, it'll be rapid response letter-to-the-editor time. It's been quite a few while since the last wave of those idiotic pieces, so you know they're due!