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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Round-em up and roll 'em out

It's linkity-link time.

-- Just caught a guy with explosives in his bag at an Oklahoma airport. The mainstream media is going into a frenzy demanding racial profiling for white males at airports. Not.

-- Sweetness. It seems like global warming might beget global warming as permafrosts melt and more methane is released into the atmosphere. Cleaning up our act might or might not be good enough, depending on whether Mother Nature wants us to die. And we all know that Mother Nature can be a real bitch.

-- Avant guard Chinese artist proves too much for the Swiss, who apparently draw the line at a fetus' head grafted onto the body of a bird. (HT: Peking Duck) Now, the work in question really does sound kind of sickening, but in general I have a soft spot for Chinese Avant-guard extreme art. It's nihilism in its most human form.
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How crazy do you have to be to smear yourself in honey and then sit in a grotty public toilet for hours, crawling with flies?