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Monday, October 31, 2005

Born-again virgins, Chinese style

A reminder that things are often weird in Asia and NorthSouthEastWest is worth reading:
So it will comes as no surprise that fake virgins have come into being. Take a look around in China. Most of the hospitals and clinics offer "hymen repair surgery." Even cosmeticians and underground doctors offer the service. Medically, this is a simple process that is no different from stitching together a skin surface tear. This is a simple surgical procedure that should take about 40 minutes and the patients can move around immediately afterwards. The cost of the procedure is usually between 1,000 to 3,000 RMB. This is a simple procedure with a huge profit margin, and that is why hospitals are delighted to offer it.

According to one doctor, he began offering the service in 1997 and he has treated more than 1,000 cases. All of them are females younger than 30 years old, including a 16-year-old. The "re-created virgin" service emerged several years ago in Beijing and Shanghai, and it is now present in many cities around the country. One Guangzhou hospital conducted more than 300 operations last year.

Too cheap to shell out for an operation? Get your virtue back at rock bottom prices with an artificial hymen:
* "Your virginity back in 5 minutes"
* "The product of high-technology! Your unspeakable secret will be erased!"
* "Get your virginity back for 260 RMB!"
* "No surgery, no shots, no medicine, no side-effects. Only 260 RMB!"

The user instructions remind people that "When the time goes, please remember to act like you are a virgin!"

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And to think in the U.S. all you'd need is a silver ring thing