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Monday, October 24, 2005

Partisan Hatred? Not Quite...

I take issue with Angelica's portrayal of my current mood in terms of the current political climate. Hatred is not something I usually engage in lightly, not even for the New York Yankees. I think that, like most of the politically astute left these days, I'm indulging more in schadenfreude ( gotta love those Germans; no other culture I know of has made a word to describe delight in someone else's misery). When I think hatred in a political context, I think of people like Rush and Coulter; people so wedded to their party that it ceases to be about ideas or principles, and turns into this struggle of sticking up for the home team, even when that means apologizing for traitors.

Admittedly, I'm probably inclined to give a pass to liberals and dems, but I'd like to think that if Al Gore had sold out a CIA agent, I'd have been calling for his resignation at the very least.