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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cutting and running on Operation Smear

(Via guestblogger Steve at the Washington Monthly, who is doing a phenomenal job)

I remarked on how convenient the phonecall from Jean's Marine was when she made her thinly veiled attack on John Murtha. So I was hardly surprised when her Marine with an impeccable sense of timing turned out to be a Right-wing flack. But the story gets better. He's a right-wing flack that is running as far from Jean Schmidt and her ill-advised slanders as he can.

Perhaps we have finally reached that point. Maybe the Republicans finally went one swift-boating too far. The American people are not buying the Murtha smear, so the Republicans are in retreat mode. Contrary to their rhetoric, the Republicans are quite capable of cutting-and-running when its politically advantageous.