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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Life Imitates Urban Legend

Weird and scary. And weird.
Chicago police today are looking for a bald man with gold teeth who robbed two women after sideswiping their cars, taking their purses and – in one case – a woman's finger to steal a ring she was wearing.

"I'd like to pull his little finger off his hand, too, the jerk," Jackie Mlinarcik, the woman who lost her left little finger, told WGN-Ch. 9.

"I mean, I'm 74 years old," she said, her left hand wrapped in bandages. "What the hell kind of man is this that would prey on elderly people?"

Both attacks occurred in the Chicago Lawn District on the Southwest Side.

Mlinarcik was driving home from a local Jewel supermarket on Sunday afternoon when another driver bumped her car at 53rd Street and Mayfield Avenue, police said.

The two stopped, and the man got out of his car and pretended to look for damage. He then allegedly grabbed the woman's purse from the passenger seat of her car and – seeing a ring on the woman's left pinkie – grabbed her hand and either ripped or cut off the finger, WGN reported.

Mlinarcik said she passed out. The next thing she remembered, she said, she awakened and saw bleeding from her injured finger.

The suspect got away with $150 in the woman's purse and t
he ring, valued at $10, WGN reported.