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Monday, October 31, 2005

The little airforce that couldn't

This is sad. Just sad. A Korean tanker carrying benzine capsized in the seas near Taiwan. The Taiwanese airforce was unleashed to try and sink the vessel before too much poisonous benzine gas is released into the air. You'd think two F-16s and two AH-1W Super Cobra helicoptors would get the job done, considering how the target was completely immobile, being a tanker, frickin' huge. But no.

If China really wanted to invade Taiwan for some reason, they could probably overpower the Taiwanese military with a butter knife. Crap.

(This post is bought to you by Battlepanda, a Taiwanese/American blogger in London, who got the link via Rob Farley at Lawyer, Guns and Money who got it from the Budding Sinologist at MeiZongTai who got it from NorthSouthEastWest who got the original story from the Taipei Times. Phew, how's that for blog globalization.)