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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mississippi Justice not just meted out by the courts

Of all the dirty, rotten, crooked, petty tactics in the world...

Bob Evans, the Public Defender who is representing Cory Maye, says that he has just been fired by the Pretiss Board of Aldermen for taking on the case of Cory Maye. Don't worry on Maye's behalf. Evans is still the Public Defender for Jefferson Davis county and he will continue to represent Maye in that capacity. This is just an ugly little side note -- retaliation for Evans' temerity in taking up the case of the man who shot the town police chief's son, despite being warned not to.

Radley Balko, who's been relentless in following this case, managed to talk to the Mayor of Prentiss and one of the aldermen. Neither was willing to deny Bob Evans' version of events. Like Radley said -- "draw your own conclusions."