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Friday, January 27, 2006

Non-sequitor in Chief

Most of you have probably already seen this by now. Still I found the following amusing, and just the latest in a what I think has been a deterioration in how Bush handles tough questions.
Q: But, sir, don't you want to tell the American people, "Look, as I promised, this White House isn't for sale and I'm not for sale?"

Bush: It's hard for me to say I didn't have pictures with the guy when I did. But I have also had pictures with thousands and thousands of people.
Wha! Not only does the answer show a disturbing lack of forthrightness ("Well, there's too much proof of me and Jack being buddy-buddy for me to pretend I've never met him." is another way of putting what he's saying), it simply does not connect with the question in a meaningful way. There has been other press conferences where Bush's hearing simply goes away when hard questions are asked. John Stewart has some wonderful clips picking up on this.

Talking about Jon Stewart, I feel a twinge of disloyalty for saying this, but I think I enjoy the Colbert Report just as much as his show now.