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Friday, January 06, 2006

They blinded us with Cuteness

No Schnauzerblogging today. But I can't let a friday lapse without give y'all your fix of cute. So here are some bonafide battling pandas that China just gave to Taiwan (HT Mark Thoma, via email).
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And though they hardly look deadly, they come with an insidious hidden agenda. The PRC doesn't give away their precious, precious pandas for nothing, you know.
The proffered pandas, for example, support China's claim to sovereignty over Taiwan because Beijing no longer gives the animals to foreign countries.

The pair, chosen from a pool of 23 candidates, were selected for their cuteness, character and compatibility after a series of genetic tests and trial marriages, Beijing officials said.

But while the Chinese and Taiwanese media indulged in an orgy of coverage, with revelations of the panda's hobbies, star signs and favourite foods, Taipei reacted with anger.

Joseph Wu, chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, Taiwan’s cabinet-level China policy body, attacked the mainland propaganda as political warfare.

"They unilaterally announce the pandas will be sent over here in June, without having discussed the matter with Taiwan's government...That is very disrespectful," Mr Wu said.

However, many Taiwanese are charmed by the cuddly creatures and opposition parties that support reunification with China have attacked the government as obstinately obstructionist.

It's working! Those creatures are so gosh-darn cute it makes me want to give up Taiwanese sovereignty just looking at them.