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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Token freedoms

Apparently, the Czechs are a real nation of stoners:
Costing as little as $5 a gram, marijuana is cut and rolled throughout Czech society. "There's seven profiles of marijuana smokers: computer programmers, environmental activists, university students, teenagers, villagers in Moravia who now smoke joints instead of drinking plum brandy, reggae music listeners and 80-year-old ladies buying marijuana for their husbands who have Parkinson's and other illnesses," Titman said.
Isn't that like, um, everyone?

Mark Kleiman think
we can steal their system -- make possession and growing and even distribution legal -- but not for profit. Of course people would keep selling small amounts among themselves, but big-business marketing would be out of the question, and the flood of legalized pot would seriously shrink the illegal market in dollar terms. Of course, much too sensible to happen in the United States.