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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A few observations, is all...

Why is it that a president's expert advisor on any given subject is called a "czar"? Isn't it more appropriate to call somebody in that kind of role a "vizier" or something? Or am I unclear on what a "czar" is supposed to do?

Lance Mannion probably has the best and most comprehensive take on the withdrawal of Paul Hackett. I hope Hackett gets over the pique that is evident in his farewell missive, for the Democrat's sake.

Boy getting peppered good by Cheney sure is funny. Especially all that lead shot migrating to the heart business -- Hi-larious. That is, if administration officials makes the cracks, such as Jeb Bush slapping an orange sticker on his chest and quipping "I'm a little concerned that Dick Cheney is going to walk in." Badabing! However, if Dana Milbank does the same joke, then it is outrageous stunt deserving of an uproar.

And speaking of double-standards, I agree completely with Glenn Reynolds that he should not be held accountable as Ann Coulter's keeper. Let's make a deal, Instapundit. If you leave off assuming that the lack constant, self-flagellating condemnation of Ward Churchill and his ilk implies agreement to his odious views by commentators on the left, then maybe we'll stop demanding that your explicit disavowal of Ann Coulter's latest idiotic and bigoted comments. Until then, just saying "You can't assume that everyone is keeping up with everything, and I tend mostly to ignore Coulter" really isn't going to cut it. Turn around is fair play and all that.