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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Conforming to stereotype

Kevin Drum summarizes some findings of about liberals and conservatives. The findings are uncanny.

The main result Kevin was interested in was that liberals were more likely to be "cat people," and conservatives more likely to be "dog people."

I'm a cat person.

"Among men, conservatives are more active in high school sports."

I was a band geek. I'm completely useless at sports.

"Conservatives like the colors red and dark blue. Liberal men like dark green."

Dark green is my favorite color.

"Conservatives tend to be morning people."

Mornings. Ugh!

"Liberals curse more than conservatives."

Fuck, they've got me figured out!

"Conservatives like beef more than liberals."

I haven't eaten red meat or poultry in almost ten years. And even when I did, I was never a big fan of beef.

And the one result Kevin reported that was about something other than the liberal/conservative divide:

"Extroverts have a better sense of smell than introverts."

I'm an introvert, and my sense of smell is terrible.