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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Drunk on petty, petty, power

Can I just say that Countdown with Keith Olbermann has become something of a fixture for me and Gene? We watch TV the way I imagine people in the old days listen to radio while they're sewing or whittling or whatever it is people in the old days do. Except we're tapping away on our laptops instead.

Olbermann has always milked his rivalry with Bill O'Reilly for all its worth, but O'Reilly recently took it to a new level by issuing what Olbermann inevitably dubbed "The Falafel Fatwa" -- an internet campaign to take Olbermann off the air to be replaced with Phil Donohue. What's even funnier was when a caller mentioned Keith Olbermann's show in a positive light, O'Reilly cut him off and, I kid you not, sicced the Fox security people on him ("We have your phone number, by the will be held accountable. Believe it.")


Bill O'Reilly obviously live in his own little world. Probably one in which he can send people to Gitmo for upsetting him.