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Saturday, March 25, 2006


And now for more cultural phenomena that bewilder me (i.e., Katie.) The Larry the Cable Guy movie is out this weekend. My dad's a huge fan of Larry (he hasn't seen the movie yet.) As for me, I'm not sure what to think. Does Larry represent the revenge of blue collar humor on an industry that barely acknowledges that the working class and the South exist, let alone treats them realistically? Or is he just an outdated stereotype rehashing racist humor? And what is the significance of his near-constant exhortations to his audience to "Git-R-Done" (the correct spelling, according to the website)?

I'm only half-joking-- I am really fascinated with Larry the Cable Guy. It's something about his ear for dialect and his unerring eye for what we in St. Louis call "hoosier" culture (which I grew up with, so don't hit me.) I don't find him funny, exactly, but he's onto something. But I don't think it would shock me if Larry were revealed to be a bouncer from a fashionable Southern California nightclub who thought he could parlay his hick impressions into a career.