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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lame or sinister?

We report, you decide.

Apparently, they have started pulling drivers for good driving in Travis County, Texas:
Travis County Deputy Derrick Taylor says his job is to not only look for bad drivers, but reward and encourage friendly drivers.

“The big cargo truck that was in front of you and you allowed to get in front of you, that was a very nice thing you did and because it was a safe thing, we want to reward you with a Round Rock express baseball tickets,” Taylor tells a good driver.

Free baseball tickets for good drivers – some like it and don’t mind being pulled over like Erin.

“I was really surprised, but it’s cool though. I thought I was like in trouble so a little nerve racking,” driver Erin Baker said.
When I first read it, I though it was just another foolish waste of taxpayers' dollars. But John Cole, curmudgeon that he is, takes a more sinister view:
I predict that in no time, they will ‘pull’ someone over for ‘good’ driving, and smell booze on their breath or find something wrong and a reason to provide them with a citation. Additionally, less scrupulous departments will start pulling people over they want to search but have no probable cause under the auspices of ‘rewarding’ good drivers. They then will be able to ‘find’ the probable cause to search the people they wanted to search anyway. It is only a matter of time, I guarantee it.

I have to say. That sounds plausable. I have no doubt that the person who came up in the program is genuinely goofy and think this will cause people to drive better, but once cops know they can pull over anyone they want for the cost of a baseball ticket, I don't doubt that they'll use it.