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Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's a small blogisphere

One doesn't expect to meet a fellow American lefty-blogger in a hostel in Taipei. We're a rare enough breed in the States. But hey. Snakes on a plane, man.

Wulingren: So, you're not Digby, are you?
Angelica: Er, no. I wish.

Actually, it was kind of weird. I wasn't expecting to talk about the Feingold censure thing when I left the house. Not only did "wulingren" and I read the same blogs, we both did canvassing, me with Grassroot Campaigns and he with MoveOn. It was nice to get to talk politics in person. I work nights as a bartender now, and I think I bored this English guy silly by holding forth on the strengths and weaknesses of the NHS tonight.

Actually, the Taiwanese are very much into politics, but I haven't gotten to the point where I feel comfortable enough with the ins and outs of it to hold up my end of the conversation beyond "How about that Ma Ying-Jiou, eh? Is he as hot as Gavin Newsome? I don't think so."