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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Immigration and food metaphors

When I was a child, Schoolhouse Rock taught me about the Great American Melting Pot.

At some point, the preferred food metaphor for immigration became "tossed salad." That phrase, however, has acquired an alternative use as a euphemism, and so is no longer a very good metaphor.

Harvard poli-sci professor Samuel Huntington, who sees Mexican immigration as the "gravest threat to American identity," has proposed that the best food metaphor for immigration is tomato soup, apparently because it's good as long as you don't add too many spices (i.e. brown-skinned Spanish-speaking people).


I propose a new, immigration-friendly, metaphor. America is like pizza: the more toppings the better.*

Except for anchovies. Anchovies are foul, and they make pizza foul. Fundamentalist theocrats are the anchovies.

*Yes, pedants, I know it's a simile in that sentence, not a metaphor.