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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogger bash roundup

The Memphis Summer Blogger Bash took place this evening at the P&H Cafe this evening. Here's a list, complete as far as I know, of the bloggers who attended.

On the left side of the political spectrum:
Me, of course.
Rick Maynard of The Freedonian.
Wintermute of The Daily Docket.
Tgirsch of Lean Left.
PeskyFly, autoegocrat, and kibitzer of Flypaper Theory.
Steve Steffens of LeftWingCracker.
David Holt of Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal.
Brassmask of Elevator Cabeza.
polar donkey of polar donkey.
Memphis Blue of Memphis Blue.

And on the right side:
Mike Hollihan of Half-Bakered.
Mark of The Conservative Zone.
AlphaPatriot of AlphaPatriot.

And some whose politics I can't identify, or whose blogs are non-political:
John Harvey of Voting in Memphis.
Jon Sparks of
Dwayne Butcher of artbutcher.
Mike of Gathering at the River.
Serrabee of Rock'n'roll Minor Planets.
MemphisPI of MemphisPI Checks Out Memphis.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Let me know if I left anybody out, or if I got anyone's name, pseudonym, or politics wrong.

UPDATE: Mike Hollihan pointed out in comments that I left off '70s kid.