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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is this St. Terese?

The Jew questioned in his comment to this post whether Juan Cole's report of a bombed hospital in Lebanon was reliable. Well, Cole's claims seems to be backed up by this Guardian article:
An annex of the hospital in Tyre had been bombed the day before. The attack came
as doctors were tending to victims of a strike on a 12-storey residential
building, which also housed the civil defence offices, in Tyre. That attack left
21 dead, including several children. Dr Mrouwe said nine people in one family
had been killed; only the father had survived.
In addition, there's this:
The first blast left a crater nearly four metres deep, burying many of the swimmers deep under the orange earth. Seven of the children were injured, three critically. Three others have not been found.

The scene was littered with small plastic sandals, several caked in blood. Ismael, the father of one of the children, sat on the edge of the crater, his head in his hands weeping. "Children! Children!" he roared through his tears, "Children here! My son here." He stood and looked down into the crater: "Is Hizbullah here? Only children here," he said, referring to the militant Islamist group that kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and which Israel says it is targeting in the wave of attacks.

Another man staggered around behind Ismael, also unable to control his grief.
Of course, Israel did not mean to blow up those children. But I doubt if that provides much comfort for the victim's families.