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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Democratic vs. Republican phrases

Jesse Shapiro and Matthew Gentzkow, in their paper "What Drives Media Slant?", offer up lists of phrases more commonly used by Democrats than Republicans, and vice-versa, based on the 2005 Congressional Record. Here's a sample from each list. I've trimmed each list to ten entries.

Two-word phrases more often used by Democrats:
private accounts
trade agreement
american people
tax breaks
trade deficit
oil companies
credit card
nuclear option
war in iraq
middle class
Three-word phrases more often used by Democrats:
veterans health care
congressional black caucus
va health care
billion in tax cuts
credit card companies
security trust fund
social security trust
privatize social security
american free trade
central american free
Two-word phrases more often used by Republicans:
stem cell
natural gas
death tax
illegal aliens
class action
war on terror
embryonic stem
tax relief
illegal immigration
boy scouts
Three word phrases more often used by Republicans:
embryonic stem cell
hate crimes legislation
adult stem cells
oil for food program
personal retirement accounts
energy and natural resources
global war on terror
hate crimes law
change hearts and minds
global war on terrorism